Jungle Night by Sandra Boynton with Yo-Yo Ma on Cello! Board Book

Jungle Night by Sandra Boynton with Yo-Yo Ma on Cello! Board Book

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Sandra Boynton and Yo-Yo Ma! Plus snoozing jungle animals!
Two celebrated artists come together for JUNGLE NIGHT, a soothing bedtime board book. (Okay, MOSTLY soothing.)

Young Readers 1 to 3 years

Jungle Night reveals the sounds of the nocturnal wilderness. We hear the distinctive, gentle snore of each animal: "Listen to the tiger: ZEEE-ZOOO-HAAA. Listen to the cheetah: CHEE-CHEE-TAAAH."

The book comes with easy access free downloadable narration of the story with each and every animal snore interpreted by the expressive, playful cello of Yo-Yo Ma. He even does the elephant's stop-the-show snore—though admittedly that took Ma's cello PLUS the classic horn salute of the James R. Barker steamship. (Seriously.)

All of this fabulousness leads into the coolest lullaby ever: "Jungle Gymnopédie No. 1", a polyrhythmic jungly arrangement by Boynton of Erik Satie's renowned piece, with Yo-Yo Ma on cello, guitar played by Ron Block of Alison Krauss Union Station, and drums by Kevin MacLeod. 

Yo-Yo and I chose this piece because it's the most gorgeous and mesmerizing night song imaginable. And there was surely nothing else that could get those animals back to sleep after that elephant blast.--Sandra Boynton

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Workman Publishing, 2020