Ellie’s Voice, or Trööömmmpffff by Piret Raud

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Translated from Estonian by Adam Cullen

Young Readers age 3 - 6

A touching and profound tale of friendship, differences and acceptance from renowned Estonian children’s author and illustrator Piret Raud.

Ellie’s life is turned upside down when she finds a curious instrument on the shore that makes the most amazing sound when she blows into it: Trööömmmpffff! Creatures come from near and far to hear Ellie’s magnificent new voice. But when Ellie learns that the horn actually belongs to Duke Junior who is desperately unhappy without it, she goes on an adventure to return the horn to its rightful owner. After days and nights of searching, she finds Duke Junior on an island in the middle of the water. To her surprise and delight, Duke Junior doesn’t just toot Tröömmmpfff on the horn… he plays the most beautiful music! Ellie is so happy that Duke Junior has his horn back and can produce such lovely sounds that she’s content listening to his tunes and being herself.

Hardcover book 2016, Translation 2020

Territory: World English