Santa Fe Style by Christine Mather and Sharon Woods

Santa Fe Style by Christine Mather and Sharon Woods

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Since the opening of the Santa Fe Trail in 1821, the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been a rich source of original American design. Santa Fe Style explores the beginnings and current forms of this exciting design tradition, from the ancient inspiration of the Canyon de Chelly, to the innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright, to contemporary passive-solar architects. The elements of style for which the area is known - warm adobe brick, simple hand-carved furnishings, rough-hewn beams, Indian pottery, Navajo rugs, and colorful folk sculpture - are all beautifully photographed in over 450 illustrations.

A community of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants, Santa Fe has had an impact on American culture far greater than its size. The Spanish colonists who founded the town in 1608 adapted their European tradition to the Pueblo Indian building materials and methods, creating an architecture that is unique in the world. The trade routes and the opening of the railroad brought ranchers and farmers from the East, and spectacular surroundings of mountains and high desert drew twentieth-century writers and artists  - from D. H. Lawrence to Georgia O'Keeffe. Each new wave of settlers added to the Santa Fe legend and the Santa Fe style.

Here is not only the romance of Santa Fe, but the irresistible appeal of its lifestyle - a casual elegance enlivened by a dynamic, ever-changing mixture of the old and the new, the West and the East, the plain and the sophisticated. In addition to the wide range of design ideas offered by the illustrations is a list of sources directing readers to Santa Fe merchants and services.

Hardcover 1993

Rizzoli Press