The Life of a Coat by Kadya Molodowsky

The Life of a Coat by Kadya Molodowsky

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Young Readers age 3 to 9

This comic in children’s book format is about the whimsical lifespan of a coat, worn by each child in a family.

When the father of a large family makes a beautiful winter coat, little does he know how much use it will get. Little Gedalia wears the coat with pride all year, but when it gets too tight for him―he’s a growing boy, after all―it’s given to his sister, Yeshaya. Thus begins the journey of the coat as it’s passed down from child to child, a charming portrait of a loving family.

Drawn in a clean-line style with a muted color palette, The Life of a Coat is based on the beloved Yiddish poem by the Polish poet Kadya Molodowsky and will delight young readers and their parents. Full-color illustrations throughout.

Hardcover book 

Fantagraphics Press, 2019