Through the Hat: The Art of Steve Marcus

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Through the Hat is a collection of works from NYC artist, Steve Marcus that include over 26 wood carved sculptures and ritual objects, more than a baker’s dozen hand drawn works of art on paper and custom synagogue furniture exhibited at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU in 2019.

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Marcus seamlessly weaves his childhood memories of bagels and bialys, pickles and green tomatoes from the barrel, paper wrapped whitefish chubs and his personal journey and passion for his own roots and culture. He created a folk cartoon world that is the Kosher cousin of Alexander Calder and Underground comics and Red Grooms from his studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, once the stronghold of Yiddish Theatre.

Marcus's artwork sweeps the viewer on a journey through black hats and into Marcus’ delightful world. A world that Sid Kaplan, the legendary photographer and darkroom master of Vanishing New York fame, also an East Side resident, described as Calder’s Circus for Yidden.

The exhibition’s namesake, Through the Hat originates from a piece that was in a series based on a rare academic responsa by the Great American Novelist, Norman Mailer and his commentary on philosopher, Martin Buber’s, "Tales of the Hasidim". Mailer's writings and reactions appeared in Commentary Journal, and were published by the American Jewish Committee in 1962 thru 1963. Marcus is proud to now share this series of work at The Yiddish Book Center - on view until late fall 2021.

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Steve Marcus Publisher, 2019