Twenty-sided Dreidel Sets, Designed by David Zvi Kalman

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Six dreidels per package

Since 20 is a multiple of 4, the dreidel works exactly like a regular dreidel. It is reminiscent of the dice in Dungeons and Dragons. The dreidels come in packs of six: three are white with black lettering, three are blue with gold lettering. Includes a card on the package explaining how to play. 

David Zvi Kalman describes the idea:

"While the idea of the twenty-sided dreidel is my own invention - in fact, I'm in the process of patenting the design - it's also not an accident that the dreidel can so effectively be reincarnated as a die. My main field of research is the relationship between Judaism and the history of technology, and I can tell you that Judaism's material culture is littered with old technologies long abandoned by others; consider the Torah scroll, or the shofar, or the Purim grogger."