Feather by Cao Wenxuan, Translated by Chloe Garcia Roberts

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Translated from the Chinese by Chloe Garcia Roberts, Illustrated by Roger Mello

Cao Wenxuan’s Feather tells the story of a single feather who is swept away on a journey of discovery and belonging. Encountering a variety of birds, from a kingfisher to a magpie, Feather is hopeful of meeting the bird she belongs to. Again and again, she is dismissed or ignored.

Only when she sees that there is also beauty in being close to the earth does fate offer a reunion. . . Feather is sure to charm young children with a plot at once compelling, meditative, and quietly moving. Roger Mello’s stunningly beautiful, dynamic illustrations will delight readers of all ages.

Hardcover book 

Elsewhere Editions: An imprint of Archipelago Books, 2017