Shipping Policy


Updated January 2024

In an effort to make shipping as affordable as possible Detour Books provides flat rate shipping fees for orders inside the United States determined by $ spent. 

United States Shipping Fees

Order Value          USPS Ship fees

Zero to $25.00         $4

$25.01 to $47.00     $6.50

$47.01 to $75          $12.50

$75.01 to $150        $18.00

Beyond $150.01      FREE

The high cost of international shipping from the United States to the rest of the world is a problem for small retailers like us. In an effort to make shipping more affordable for our international customers we have designed flat rates based on the weight of items ordered.

International Shipping Fees

Product Weights:            USPS Ship Fee

Up to           3 lbs                     $25

3.5 lbs  to    5 lbs                     $36

5.5 lbs  to    7 lbs                      $60

Books get heavy, mugs and other gift items are fragile so we pack everything with extra care knowing that packages are not always handled gently in transit.