About Us

Detour Books: Found in Translation launched as an online bookstore on October 1, 2020. We joined a swell of new business owners around America who were compelled to take a detour in their work lives due to the changes brought on by Covid19 and/or the civil unrest that has engulfed the nation.

We are working directly with writers, translators, scholars, and small publishers to provide a source for the diverse voices of world literature in English translation with a focus on Yiddish writers. We also offer curated children’s books as a way of connecting parents with stories that reveal multicultural experiences and spark the imagination of their young readers, as well as motivate world travel and the learning of new languages.

A tiny marketplace is evolving alongside our selective catalog of books. You will find decorative textiles made by local artisans, gifts for readers and writers and Yup Coffee—organic beans roasted locally with a respect for fair trade in the global coffee market.

About the proprietor:

Sami Keats is a photographer, edition bookbinder, lover of dogs, birds, mid-century modern design and a binge reader. Opening this bookstore is the detour Sami took after six years managing the bookstore/museum shop for the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts—which was another fascinating corner turned.

FYI: The "we" is a small team of friends and colleagues who have helped push this venture out into cyber space. With their support in editing, publishing, and marketing we have made a start.

Please let us know how your user experience goes in our marketplace via email at sami@detourbooks.com. Sign up for our quarterly-ish e-newsletter down in the footer to stay in the loop for events and special offers.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay well and stay in touch.