Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals by Jennifer Welborn

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Illustrated by Rozillia Mh

Young Rosie loves watching her mom, a veterinarian, take care of all kinds of animals.  She especially enjoys learning about the animals and helping them get better.  When Rosie takes a rest from asking lots of questions, she finds herself in a dream where she meets an octopus, a crocodile, a giraffe, and more.  One by one, Rosie uses her knowledge to help each animal.  While the story of Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals is fictitious, it is based on and informed by real-life veterinarians.

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Praise for Dr. Rosie:

“The engaging story and beautiful illustrations of Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals showcase to young people the diversity
among animals and their appreciation when we help them. As a role model, Dr. Rosie will surely inspire young people
of color to become veterinarians.”

--DR. MICHAEL BLACKWELL, DVM, MPH, Assistant Surgeon General, USPHS (Ret.),
Director, Program for Pet Health Equity, College of Social Work, University of Tennessee

Dr. Jodie G. Blackwell Scholarship Fund: 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, only 2% of veterinarians in the U.S. are African American. Proceeds from sales of Dr. Rosie Helps The Animals will be directed to the Dr. Jodie G. Blackwell Scholarship Fund, which has been set up to support African American veterinarian students to help redress this underrepresentation.

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