In the Meadow of Fantasies by Hadi Mohammadi, Translated by Sara Khalili

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Young readers 3 to 7

Illustrated by Nooshin Safakhoo 

Translated from the Persian by Sara Khalili

Not a folktale, not a poem, not a dream, but some whirling mixture of the three, this lulling recitation by Iranian author Hadi Mohammadi affirms generosity as a natural impulse.

--Publishers Weekly

A young girl, who spends her day in bed and in a wheelchair, gazes up at a mobile of spinning horses. As she watches them prance about, the tufted snout of a real live horse peeks through her bedroom door. Soon enough, our protagonist is out and cantering on an adventure with seven majestic horses.

The first six are easily understood: their colors, dreams, families, and origins are described and accompanied with exquisite drawings. The seventh horse, however, is an enigmatic creature with no clear hue or history, a lack that is soon filled in by the loving offerings of the other ponies. A story about dreaming and about caring for others, In the Meadow of Fantasies will stir reveries in young readers and conjure new fantasies of friendly creatures in far off lands.

Hardcover book

Elsewhere Editions, 2021