The House of Four Seasons by Roger Duvoisin

The House of Four Seasons by Roger Duvoisin

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Recommended for readers age 3 to 10

When Father, Mother, Billy and Suzy go house hunting in the country, they fall in love with a grand old house nestled among tall weeds and trees. It is in need of repair, and soon a carpenter, mason and tinsmith come to set things straight - but it needs painting too.

The family agrees it would be more fun to paint the house themselves, but no one can agree on the color, and to make matters worse, the hardware store only carries three colors: red, blue and yellow. Father has an idea. “You’ll see," he says, “Colors can do many tricks when they get together,” and with a sudden flourish, a color wheel appears! Budding artists and engineers will love this surprising story, and adults would do well to note how Father arrives at a winning trifecta of negotiation, education and thrift.

Hardcover book 

NYR Children's Collection, 2017