This is Your Time by Ruby Bridges

This is Your Time by Ruby Bridges

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Yes, this book will be a special gift of history for that young reader in your life. But it is also a concise snap-shot chronicle of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in America for adult readers--a true picture book generously illustrated with black and white photos that engage us with the history and reveal insights into our current time.

Young readers 9 to 12 years

Written as a letter from civil rights activist and icon Ruby Bridges to the reader, This Is Your Time is both a recounting of Ruby’s experience as a child who had to be escorted to class by federal marshals when she was chosen to be one of the first black students to integrate into New Orleans’ all-white public school system and an appeal to generations to come to effect change.
This beautifully designed petite volume (5.5 x 7") is graphically illustrated with photographs from the 1960s and from today, as well as stunning jacket art from The Problem We All Live With, the 1964 painting by Norman Rockwell depicting Ruby’s walk to school.
Ruby’s honest and impassioned words, imbued with love and grace, serve as a moving reminder that “what can inspire tomorrow often lies in our past.” This Is Your Time will electrify people of all ages as the struggle for liberty and justice for all continues and the powerful legacy of Ruby Bridges endures.

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