Vilde Mekhaye/Wild Ecstasy, Music CD

Vilde Mekhaye/Wild Ecstasy, Music CD

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Eleanor Reissa’s reflections on the song line-up for Vilde Mekhaye/Wild Ecstasy

Frank London and I have been concertizing with the Klezmer Brass All Stars for years and this is the first collection of our tunes from our repertoire.  It is a mixed, new, groovy, classic collection of some of the songs we do - from Molly Picon's "Jenke" about a loose, well-loved Jewish-American girl - to the spiritual, heavenly "A Nign", by Lazar Weiner.  We love wailing on Rumshinsky's "Sheyn Vi Di Levone" (As Beautiful As the Moon) as well as on "Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn". We wanted to shine a light on these tunes - some well-known with a twist and some new!

Featuring: Eleanor Reissa, Frank London and the Klezmer Brass Allstars

Track List:

1. Jenke

2. Sheyn Vi Di Levone

3. Farges Mikh Nisht

4. Oy Gevalt, Bistu Zis

5. Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn

6. Unrequited Love Medley: Oy Mame, Bin Ikh Farlibt; Di Saposhelakh; Can't Live

Music CD 2016