What Feelings Do When No One's Looking by Tina Oziewicz, Translated by Jennifer Croft

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Readers 3 to 7 years
Illustrated by Aleksandra Zając

Translated from the Polish by Jennifer Croft

An unruly cast of emotions come alive in this romping dream world, a place Maurice Sendak's Wild Things could call home.

Curiosity, a lithe and floppy-eared creature, perches above the open world and gazes out with a zippy blend of hope, wonder, and longing. From the tip of a chimney, we bound into the quiet and mischievous world of feelings, meeting a troupe of tufted creatures as we go.

Sympathy helps snails cross a sidewalk to safety, fear pirouettes in an attempt to camouflage with wallflowers, and pleasure reclines across a doily-donned reading chair, sipping a cup of tea. Elsewhere, our insecurities – pesky, cavorting beings – build intricate cages and stride about with clattering sets of keys.

Tina Oziewicz’s words hum with truth, and Aleksandra Zając’s illustrations bloom and burst with charming details like a sail constructed out of a pair of billowing long johns or a red slipper falling from a contented paw.

Taking in the perfect harmony of this book is like taking a long gulp from a trusty thermos and filling up with warmth. What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking surprises and soothes, inspires us to feel.

Hardcover book, 2022

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